Introducing: The Heritage Foods Box Recycle Program

First off, we want to thank all of our customers that submitted their feedback about our packaging and hope this new program helps to lighten the load on your next recycling trip!⁠

Have you wondered what happens to all of the Heritage Foods boxes we deliver your food in? ⁠

Well, if you managed to get the box into your recycling then it may be a set of recycled paper cups now. (note: paper can only be recycled up to 7 times)⁠

If it didn't make it into the recycling then, depending on the conditions of its whereabouts, it can take 6+ weeks to decompose. ⁠

We know this isn't sustainable, that's why we are introducing a NEW SUSTAINABLE PROGRAM:⁠

Here's how it works: ⁠
1. You place an order with Heritage Foods.⁠
2. Receive your order. ⁠
3. Keep your box in an area out of your way.⁠
4. Place your second order with Heritage Foods. ⁠
5. Receive your order and give your first box to your delivery person. ⁠

VOILA! You've started the cycle of exchanging your boxes, reducing waste, and keeping more trees upright generating oxygen! ⁠

Participation is easy, just keep your box from your first order and hand it to your delivery person when you receive your second order.


Let us know how you feel about this program!
Are you interested in participating in this program? ⁠
Do you see the benefits?⁠
Is it worth your time and money to participate in this program (it comes free with your purchase)?⁠

Let us know in the comments below or send us a message!👇🏽⁠

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