Really loving what they are doing and creating. I can eat sweets in the middle of my day without a crash because of them. When I'm traveling long hours and need something to keep me awake (I don't drink caffeine) their almond butter cups (chocolate!), really do the trick! No crash and I'm ready to go for a few more hours! Plus all of their meals are great when I need something on the go. Their prices for a meal company are unbelievable. I used to order from a Paleo company and was paying WAY more for much less. ❤️

Sarah D.

OK, yes, I started this company, so my perspective is not independent, but I LOVE this company! When I started eating a clean (low inflammatory) diet in 2016, it changed my life. At the time I was trying to deal with a chronic disease (hypertension). My male ancestors died young from heart related issues as far back as I can find, so this was a serious thing to me. After trying everything else, a friend clued me into how to eat properly. And that fixed SO many things (metabolic syndrome, acne, daily fatigue, etc) that I didn't even expect. I've since learned that it also supports my personal development around spirituality and wellness - including longevity - in ways I didn't anticipate. But making all of my own food (while interesting) was tedious and time consuming. I'm so happy to have Heritage Foods available to make great tasting food and deliver it to my house for about what I'd pay at the store! So good! I'm looking forward to Heritage Foods doing more of this for more people in more places!

John P.

I've ordered from them several times now. The food is healthy, delicious, and easy. Customer service is great.

Amanda M.

The food is delicious! I love having a healthy, low-carb, sustainably produced/packaged option for food delivery. I never even dreamed that this would be available in Laramie!

Taylor M.

Just what we needed. Great communication. Place an order you can't go wrong. Thank you for delivery to N. Colorado 

Sam D.

Healthy and local; and the Umami Cauliflower is to die for! ❤️

Claire M.

Good clean healthy food! Try it out today. #Laramie

Robert W.

I had the Thai Chicken Salad and it was amazing!

Kristi A.