Re-introducing Heritage Food's Rotating Menu! ⁠

Heritage Foods is growing again! As we grow, we are moving back to a rotating menu. All your favorite menu items will be available, just not all the time.

What does this mean for you and how you order? All the details are right here so, read on!

Wha⁠t is a Rotating Menu? 

A Rotating Menu is a weekly curated selection of our mains and salads. 

How often will the menu change?

The selection will change weekly.

Will the whole menu change?

No. The only areas of our menu that will change each week are our mains and salads. All of our breakfasts, desserts, small plates, baked goods, add-ons, boosters, and new menu item releases will remain regularly available for you. 

Can I order something if it's not on the menu? 

We wouldn't want to deny your cravings! If you're in an absolute 'must have' situation, reach out to us at with your request.

If I'm subscribed to an item, will I not receive it if it's not on the week's menu?

We've got you covered! Every item that has an individual subscription option will always be available for you to receive at the frequency you select. 

How can I make my order? 

Orders can be made through meal plans, subscriptions to individual items, and through one-time purchases. See your options HERE.

Interested in sharing your thoughts on this transition? Have more questions? We'd love to hear from you. ⁠

Send us an email at or comment below 👇🏽⁠

Head HERE to get those last items before the menu selection changes!

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