Why Heritage Foods

Many people ask me why an Inc 500 technical entrepreneur would start a clean food company. Here’s my story.

Over the past twenty years, I struggled with metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and related chronic health issues despite eating well and exercising regularly. I avoided added sugars, rarely drank soda, and ate mostly whole foods. I did CrossFit regularly. Still, my chronic health conditions persisted, and no one I talked to could explain why.

A few years ago I learned why: national security concerns have caused our food supply chains to drift away from providing food we can eat safely. Most of what we now eat and drink promotes inflammation in our bodies. And that inflammation causes many chronic health issues in our bodies and minds. The fundamental nutrition science is clear and widely accepted.

When I used those nutrition fundamentals to identify foods in supply chains that were safe to eat and to prepare my own meals, I immediately improved my chronic health conditions. As I continued to eat those safe foods, I found that many other inflammation symptoms that I'd accepted as normal - obesity, bloating, acne, etc - simply disappeared.

I believe I have a responsibility to do everything possible to provide you with the same opportunity to eat safely and to protect your health and your family’s health. Heritage Foods represents my efforts to fulfill that responsibility - to craft nutritionally sound food that is also affordable and delicious and deliver it right to your door.

Eating safely is our heritage. Together, we can reclaim it.

In health,

John M. Pope, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman